For as long as he can remember (which, given how bad his memory is, may actually only be the middle of last week), all Roger ever wanted to do was to be able to play the guitar (unfortunately, the rest of the band think that still applies !)
Roger started playing guitar at 11, and says he should have it sorted by 7pm.​
Roger`s history starts with him playing the club circuit in local bands, then touring Europe with his own band Chameleon, & as a member of Billy J, Kramer`s Dakotas, & The Migil 5. & The Casuals​
He has done several summer seasons & Mecca residencies & supported many of the countrys top cabaret acts ie. The searchers,the ivy league etc​
Even playing as a backing musician for Vera Lynn​
For the last 15 yrsRoger Has been keeping the 60’s sound alive with Cheshire Based Trio Casino

Rog B

Phil C

Big Nigel

Phil C, Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals


Phil is another very experienced player ,​(mad as a box of frogs)
with a wealth of gigs to his reputation,He Has stayed looking so good by drinking Horlicks and going to bed early every night!!!!!!!! He once read in a magazine that drinking caused premature death so he stopped it at once..........................­.....He never read another magazine.

Ex-Rocking Horse,August, Mustard . 

A great bass player and singer,Phil has supported many of the top 60's stars over the years ie. The Mersey Beats,Fortunes,Searchers etc

Big Nig  Percussion, Lead vocals
The Baby of the band, being the youngest does'nt  mean  the least experienced..
Nigels previous bands include Red Velvet,Look Twice.The Exiles, Bringing a wealth of experience to the band  Nig has backed every body on the cabaret scene
 to name but a few