Q. How much space do Casino need?
A. The ideal size is 6m width by 3m depth or larger but we can fit into a smaller space if required
Q. Are you insured
A. Casino have public liability insurance and PAT certificates for our equipment. We have hard copies and electronic copies ready to send to your venue.  .
Q . Do you require a changing room?
A .  Ideally but its not essential - we can work around whatever facilities are available. If there is an area or a reserved table for us it is always appreciated, but again its not  essential.
Q. Can we use a microphone for announcements, speeches, thanking people etc.
A. Yes. 
Q. How much time do you need to set up?
A. We need a minimum of 1 hour to set up, and to do a sound check. If it is convenient we often arrive earlier.
Q. How long do you play for?
A. Most bookings usually ask us to play 2 X 45 minute sets but we have enough material for longer if required. If there is a buffet we usually play one set before and one set after it has been served. However, this is not a hard and fast rule and we will adhere to whatever arrangement you prefer. If you have other entertainment arranged we are happy to work around this and any other arrangements you may want to make.

Q. Do you have reliable professional quality equipment?
A. Yes. We have a Behringer 20 channel mixer feeding  EV ekx 3000w Powered  speakers & 18" powered bass bins if req. We use Shure SM58/57 microphones for the vocals as well as  Sennheiser e845/s as backup.  On stage we have ev zlx powered   monitors.
Backline amplifiers are professional standard Peavey and Ashdown. Our guitars include a range of Fender, line 6 variax and Gibson guitars
Nigel, our drummer, plays a top of the range Tama drum kit.
We use professional quality dmx controlled LED  lighting
Although we have  powerful amplifiers and PA we will perform at a comfortable volume for the venue. Audio quality & audience enjoyment is much more important to us than volume.